4 December 2015 – Presenting the Nitrogen Efficiency Indicator Report

On 4 December, 2015, the European Nitrogen Expert Panel held a meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The panel members came together to finalize their first report on the Nitrogen Efficiency Indicator (NUE), an indicator for the utilization of nitrogen in agricultural systems. In this report, the EUNEP promotes the use of a two-dimensional graph in which inputs and outputs of the agricultural system are plotted.

This graphical presentation allows for determining a desirable range in which the nitrogen use efficiency is good, no soil mining or overuse of nitrogen inputs, the nitrogen surplus (input-output) is not resulting in undesirable losses to the environment and the output or crop yield is profitable.

With this report finalized, new work items were discussed. The next tasks for the EU Nitrogen Expert Panel are to prepare a guideline on how to use the NUE indicator for different agricultural systems and also continue working on a NUE indicator of the food production and consumption chain.

You may download the Nitrogen Efficiency Indicator report under the “Reports” section of this webpage.